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How to Measure Your Rings For Couples

You're eager to purchase that perfect Couple Bracelets. But now comes the nitty-gritty part: getting the ring size correct without letting him know. A mistake in measurement could mean you either end up with a ring that slips off his fingers or one that's too tight for comfort.

How can you solve this mystery? One strategy is to borrow one of his existing rings. Make sure it's a ring you actually wear and not one that is sat in a drawer. This is the most accurate method, but it could be risky if you are taken to court!

If you can't borrow a ring, but it's not an option, you can ask his family or friends. Be cautious not to cause a mess in case you involve too many people. Ask only those who you believe could easily get this information for you.

You could also go for the imaginative approach: suggest a day of making where you and your partner create rings using string or paper. Make sure to measure the temporary ring while you're not looking, and voila, you have his size! Another trick is to wrap a string around his finger while asleep however this requires the skill of a ninja so proceed with caution.

There are a variety of online and app tools that are able to convert ordinary objects into a guide for sizing. Ring Sizer, an app developed by Jason Withers allows you to use a credit card to serve as a scale to measure another ring. It's not 100 100% accurate, but it's far better than shooting in the dark.

If all else fails, an adjustable ring is always an alternative. A lot of jewelers sell rings that can be adjusted quickly, typically for a fee. However, keep in mind that this is mainly for simpler designs.

Even if it turns out that you've got the size wrong even if you aren't sure, it's not the end of the world. A majority of jewelers offer resizing and the most important thing is the effort and thought you put into this important gift.

What Material Speaks Love: From Silver to Silicon?

The material you pick for the boyfriend ring says much about your relationship and what you think will resonate with your partner. Each material ranging from precious metals, such as gold and platinum, to alternative materials like wood or silicon has its own unique message and charm.

If your boyfriend prefers to lean towards classic and timeless items, platinum or gold are great options. These metals are more robust and less prone to rust. They can be expensive.

Materials like tungsten or titanium are great choices for those who prefer a tough or casual appearance. These metals are tough and less prone to scratching, making them ideal for anyone who is frequently working with their hands frequently.

Do not forget the significance that is incorporated into the material. A silicon ring for instance isn't expensive, but it's flexible and invulnerable. This signifies resilience and adaptability within relationships. Some people opt for wooden rings, which carry the impression of natural beauty and simplicity.

If you're looking to be sustainable Look for jewelers that utilize recycled or conflict-free products. This is especially relevant for those who have a boyfriend who is environmentally conscious.

Whatever material you pick, make sure that it's compatible with his values and lifestyle. You don't want a jewellery piece that is out of place, or is uncomfortable or incompatible with the daily routine.

The choice of material is an important aspect of purchasing an engagement ring for your boyfriend, but it's also very personal. There aren't any rules written in stone, just guidelines. What is important is the amount of thought and love you put into selecting something unique for him.


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