We founded an innovative startup, ready to be part of the digitization process of the major organizations from the real estate and educational industries. We create customized 3D virtual tours, using high-quality Matterport technology, that can completely change the way customers engage with the products they want to buy and connect with the companies. 


What we bring new is not limited to the dynamic and interactive experiences that virtual reality can offer. We turn the virtual experiences into complete ones by paying attention to the smallest details required by our partners, that make 24VR services unique on the market.


We offer: 3D scanning, customized presentation of the scanned plan and cloud hosting on our platform, tools to perform measurements in the scanned space, customization with customer data and access to the virtual tour cloud platform not only for presentations, but also for data analysis.

Our Story


What We Do

The main directions that our company operates are the creation and processing of 3D virtual tours, the development of integrated marketing campaigns and communication strategies and the development of websites together with their design and optimization.

We create customized 3D virtual tours with our own high quality equipment. The tours can cover both interiors and outdoor spaces and can be designed for architecture projects. Furthermore, we also offer space for hosting them on our cloud platform. 

We offer full marketing campaigns that include: customer experience strategies, social media campaigns planning and digital media analytics. They are meant to produce digital transformations within various industries. 

We build customized websites and online platforms. Furthermore, we offer full web design and optimization services, and we focus both on the usability of our products and their aesthetics, seeking to deliver user-friendly digital identities for our partner brands.

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