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Home furnishing retailers are ones of the most interested in VR tours and additional services. Their original exteriors, show-rooms, furnishing products and restaurants are in great need of being able to get presented to their customers, in a safest environment, due to the actual restrictions. Our 24 VR tour in IKEA Poland (located in Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście 55) offers a full dynamic experience to IKEA clients, giving them the chance to visit the showroom and analyze independently the products they are interested to purchase. Furthermore, the particular tools we offer on our hosting platform such as heating maps or tools that allow them to measure and decide if the products will fit their homes are nothing else but a great advantage. 

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Izotec Showroom 1.jpg



The PVC industry is an essential one for the construction industry where it is largely used in the manufacturing area, since it delivers several materials with many possible applications.  The commercialization of double glazing involves constant efforts adapted to the continuous change of the market. The restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 virus pandemic on the PVC industry, which has faced a number of challenges even before, is forcing the manufacturers to create a digital branding portfolio and to simplify their recruitment processes. In IZOTEC 24 VR tours, their customers can not only analyze the showroom and the Group Hal 2, but also can have insights from the industrial processes. 

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Even strong businesses that have long traditions such as ”Miele”, the German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, with stores in multiple countries, realised how VR technology can be a part of their company and how they can benefit from it. Miele 24 VR tour (of their shop located in Madrid, on Calle de Claudio Coello, 17B) give their customers not only the chance to independently visit the shop floors before, but also to analyse the products they want to purchase and get familiarised with their show-room. 

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Microsoft Digital Eatery VIRTUAL TOUR

Virtual reality tours prove that companies are not afraid of innovation. Microsoft Digital Eatery, located in Microsoft’s Berlin campus is a unique combination of cafe and showroom, where the customers are invited not only to relax and have a snack, but also to experience and test hardware and software products. The tour shows to the clients how cozy the place can be, giving them the chance to think if they could enjoy working from there or having a moment to rest.


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The Barber Club Marbella


Located in the Puerto Banus area of Marbella, Spain, The Barber Club Marbella is a unique man cave where guys with good taste can be groomed by the best barbers in Europe. The virtual tour focuses on the interior design, on the high quality equipment the barber shop is dotated with and on the terrace the clients have access at. Furthermore, the tour includes access to the small shower rooms and to the product-shelves, that can give the clients a glimpse of the products the barbers prefer to use. 


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West Marine Store VIRTUAL TOUR

West Marine Store is the largest American marine retailer that provides to its customers a wide variety of boating products and water recreational gear. The online virtual tour can be used to promote the equipped shop online, to engage with its customers in a more simpler manner or even to train new employees easier, without the need of being present in the store for the whole process of accommodation . 


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POPAI Marketing at Retail Awards Event, 2016


The professional events, such as the POPAI Retail Awards Event that happened in 2016, organised for Australia and New Zealand, are great opportunities to put in the limelight the best products, practices and innovations the companies can come up to. For better analysis, to improve the show floor and to continue the innovation processes, storing such an event with the help of an online virtual 3D tour can be nothing but a great idea - both for promotion and learning. 


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evolve-sports-studio 1.jpg

Evolve Sports Studio


The virtual reality tour of Evolve Sports Studio, located in Monterrey, Mexico, includes all the three floors of a complex sports studio. It focuses on the different types of gym areas (including the yoga studio, the common workout area, the wardrobe and even the snack area) and also presents to the interested ones what is the gym equipment they are going to use in Evolve Sports Studio. Such a tour would be useless also to realise what is the gyms’ capacity and in what conditions the people that subscribe to it do their everyday workouts. 


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Richmond Winning Appliances


The virtual online tour through Winning Appliances is an example of how a tour can guide the visitors by its own, using additional materials that can offer further information about the specific place or about the products included in the scan. Therefore, in the tour, the products are tagged with blue circles, the brand information is tagged with green and the recipes & other content is tagged with purple circles. By clicking on them, the guests can therefore find out the details they are most interested in. 


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Specialty's Bakery 1.jpg

Specialty's Bakery


Service & Hospitality industry was one of the most affected areas by the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. 24 VR services can cover multiple segments from the Service industry and one of them include VR tours in small companies that are open to blend the best of old world food techniques with the benefits of modern technology. In addition to presentations virtual tours available for their customers, Specialty's Bakery offers them a chance to see how the products they sale are created and stored in their bakery, increasing the authenticity and strengthening the relationship with their public. 

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