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Waylon Watson
Waylon Watson

Desperados - Wanted Dead Or Alive ((BETTER))

In 1881, an outlaw known only as "El Diablo" and whose face has never been seen by any living soul is responsible for the armed holdup of several trains. The railroad company Twinnings & Co puts up a reward of $15,000 for whoever brings El Diablo in dead or alive. John Cooper, a traveling gunfighter, decides to pursue the bounty despite being warned off by cantankerous U.S. Marshal Jackson, who claims to have an official warrant to capture El Diablo.

Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive


when she first shot at me she was about fifteen years old, thin, not pretty like the rest of them, with a wild hair cut and a look of extreme desperation. and she wasn't done. she kept shooting, and at some point i began to understand the terror that was behind her eyes. i was dying, and she knew it. she kept shooting. and then the gunfire stopped. and then, one by one, without a word, the others followed her lead and put down their guns. the girl stopped in front of me and walked over to the door, motioning me to follow her. behind the farmhouse was a small shack where they'd been storing the guns. and inside was a woman. she was in her early thirties, there was no denying the fact, but a young woman in her early twenties, warm and open, welcomed us in. she was glad to see us alive. she told us that they were here hiding. an 11 year-old girl told me this, and i'll never forget it. it turned out that the 11 year-old was a boy. he was their leader, someone named reagan. from that day on, he let me call him frank. in 2010, telltale games released a mostly faithful recreation of the opening sequence; its setting was the jump to the wild west in montana, rather than the jump to the bronx. a name change to the homesteader made it seem more like a prequel to the warriors rather than desperados, but its self-contained nature meant it could be easily ported to the iphone.telltale, however, still had the option of doing desperados. like the homesteader, but with greater attention paid to the script, this sequel lets you experience the life and death drama of the west only hours after the opening sequence. the story, while different, is roughly the same as it was in the film, but with more the warriors-esque action-packed combat. in fact, both games are equally enjoyable. try them both. 6a6f617c0c 041b061a72


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