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Review: Waves Mercury Complete VST DX RTAS v1.01

Review: Waves Mercury Complete VST DX RTAS v1.01

Waves Mercury Complete VST DX RTAS v1.01 is a bundle of over 90 audio plugins that cover everything from time-domain effects to equalizers, from dynamics control to noise reduction, from guitar sound modeling to the sound of classic analog components[^2^]. It was released in 2008 by Waves, a leading company in the field of audio software and hardware.

Waves Mercury Complete VST DX RTAS v1 01 HAPPY NEW YEAR-AiR

The bundle includes some of the most popular and acclaimed Waves products, such as Waves Platinum, API Collection, L3-LL Multimaximizer, L3-16 Multimaximizer, V-Series, MaxxVolume, GTR 3, Z-Noise, Vocal Bundle, SSL 4000 Collection and more[^2^]. It also comes with presets from famous producers and engineers like Dave Pensado, Mike Hedges, Steve Lillywhite and Ross Hogarth[^2^]. The bundle is compatible with PC VST DX RTAS platforms and supports 24-bit/96 kHz resolution[^2^].

Waves Mercury Complete VST DX RTAS v1.01 is a comprehensive collection that offers more effects, more channel components, more mixdown tools and more processors than ever before in one package[^2^]. It is suitable for any kind of music production, mixing and mastering. Whether you need to enhance vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards or any other instrument, you will find the right plugin for the job. Whether you want to emulate vintage gear, add warmth and color, or create modern and futuristic sounds, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you need to fix problems, optimize levels, or shape the sound to your taste, you will have the tools you need.

Waves Mercury Complete VST DX RTAS v1.01 is a must-have for any serious audio professional who wants to have access to the best of Waves in one massive collection. It is also a great value for money, as it costs much less than buying each plugin separately. You can download it from various torrent sites or buy it from authorized dealers[^1^] [^3^] [^4^] [^5^].

One of the highlights of Waves Mercury Complete VST DX RTAS v1.01 is the Waves Platinum bundle, which contains over 40 essential plugins for mixing and mastering. It includes the renowned L1 and L2 Ultramaximizers, the C1 and C4 Compressors, the Q10 Equalizer, the S1 Stereo Imager, the Renaissance Reverb, the DeEsser, the Doubler, the SuperTap Delay and many more. These plugins are designed to deliver high-quality sound with minimal CPU usage and intuitive interfaces.

Another highlight is the API Collection, which features four plugins that faithfully model the legendary API 550A 3-Band Equalizer, the API 550B 4-Band Equalizer, the API 560 Graphic Equalizer and the API 2500 Stereo Compressor. These plugins capture the unique sound and character of the original hardware units, which are widely used in professional studios for their punchy and musical sound. The API Collection is ideal for adding warmth, clarity and presence to any source.

A third highlight is the GTR 3 bundle, which offers a complete solution for guitar recording and processing. It includes six amp models, seven cabinet models, six microphone models and 26 stomp effects that can be combined in any way you want. You can also use your own amp and cabinet combinations by using the GTR ToolRack plugin. The GTR 3 bundle also comes with a tuner, a metronome and a standalone application that lets you play without a host. The GTR 3 bundle is perfect for creating realistic and versatile guitar tones in any genre. 0efd9a6b88


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