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24VR srl

It is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming work environment for all employees, valuing diversity and promoting fairness. To achieve this goal, the company establishes clear policies and procedures that support workplace equality and dispute resolution. Open communication is encouraged, allowing employees to share ideas and concerns without fear of discrimination.

Diversity, equity and inclusion training is offered to all employees, raising awareness and encouraging inclusive behaviors. 24VR celebrates diversity through events and initiatives that recognize the different cultures and traditions of employees. The company adopts work flexibility policies, such as flexible hours and telecommuting, to support employees who need to reconcile family or personal commitments.


Performance appraisal processes are fair and merit-based, ensuring all employees feel valued and respected. Employees are actively involved in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion through affinity groups and workplace inclusion committees. Finally, company leaders demonstrate a genuine commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and are trained to manage and promote an inclusive work environment. By implementing these strategies, 24VR Srl is committed to creating an environment in which all employees feel valued, listened to and respected.

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