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What are the main VR talks on Clubhouse?

If you are tech savvy, it is impossible by now not to know what Clubhouse is and why many businesses and entrepreneurs are highly interested in it. This audio-chat social network participates in changing the paradigm when it comes to forming communities of interests, mentoring or simply learning about something new, that can passionate an user.

So far, people that join these live conversations about various matters do not have to respect a predefined profile. The only obstacles that might be out there for them are the fact that until now, Clubhouse is available only on iOS, so an user must have an iPhone in order to download it and participate. And then, another thing would be that any user needs to receive an invitation from an existing user of Clubhouse, to get access to the whole community.

What are the clubs?

Since its launching, that happened in March 2020, and until the recent months when it became more popular within Europe, Clubhouse gathered loads of different clubs that share multiple interests and some of the conversations became immediately viral due to the talkers that joined the chat, whom happened to be public figures in the world of tech, such as Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg.

Therefore, these clubs are nothing more than communities of users that very often engage in having live conversations over a shared interest. A rule of the app is that only the active users, the ones that have hosted at least three rooms so far, are able to create a club and none of the users can create more than one. These clubs can be either private, even public and gather founders, members or simply followers interested in the discussed topics.

What are the main talks on VR?

So far, there are many clubs that gather together the VR and AR enthusiasts. One of the most discussed episodes on VR and AR technologies was put in the limelight by no other than Mark Zuckerberg, who joined a club house meeting as a guest. He talked about the future of AR and VR and mentioned how they could be integrated in developing this new social platform in the near future.

He outlined that VR and AR platforms can replace physical appearances easily and that remote working conditions can progress by using these technologies, so no transportation or real life meetings would be needed more. Furthermore, he added that virtual reality technologies can unlock the opportunity for anyone, from any location, to be present in any other place and truly feel that his participation is real. The fundamentals of the conversations completed the idea that Mark Zuckerberg also stated in March, when he announced that Facebook has unveiled the first of a wave of virtual reality innovations that would lead to something he called as being”effective teleportation”, reachable by the end of the decade.

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