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VR technology can lead to collaborative e-learning

E-learning, or the learning processes conducted through electronic media, usually on the internet, are here to stay. With the pandemic, a lot of schools, universities and NGOs were forced to switch to digital teaching and learn how to organise their lectures, seminaries, workshops and trainings online. Even if they will pass at a hybrid teaching system or will turn back to the traditional one, having a neat digital strategy that could easily adapt to online teaching will continue to be a quality within the technological era.

Following the future directions and improving e-learning teaching or collaborating methods, we can discover that VR and AR technologies also start to play important roles. And it is not only about the variety of disciplines where they can offer complete online experiences, such as online tours that can show to their visitors places from everywhere on the planet at any specific time or tours that can take you back to ancient times and show you how the world back then. Their impact is already noticeable at a social level and it can be easily observed how they can influence the personal growth of the individuals and the dynamics of the interactions one has within the digital space.

Diversity, collaboration and feedback

The three main levels VR technologies can have a strong influence on, when it comes about developing these soft skills that make the process of working together in teams easier and more pleasant, are the levels of: diversity, collaboration and feedback.

Tolerating diversity and acknowledging individual differences is easier when you have an avatar that can imitate better your physical appearance. Therefore, mostly the children will have the chance to get to know multiple types of varieties that can exist between people and groups and will become more open in accepting them.

With the help of VR, each member of the team will have the opportunity to contribute, as in real life teaching. Therefore, collaboration will happen easier since the individuals will become more responsible and will think more critically, when they work as a team.

To achieve the desired results, VR can also increase the opportunities for offering and receiving personal feedback. The groups can variate very quickly, without losing loads of time, and therefore one individual can work together with more people and receive an increased amount of feedback, that will reflect further on his personal improvement.

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