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Virtual Reality insights for hospitality. How 24 VR can make booking services better?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

People always say some things have in their power transforming a house into a home. Companies from the hospitality industry managed all the time to put these details into the spotlight and work on them until their services made the customers feel at home. Even if the technology is perceived sometimes as being in opposition to emotions and feelings, nowadays, when every company seeks for digitalized branding services and for creating safe conditions and experiences for their clients, it can be seen as an ally.

Virtual reality and its innovations allow clients from the hospitality industry to have a glimpse of the services they are willing to purchase, before traveling. 3D virtual presentation tours of the building with all of its floors, reception offices, rooms, restaurants, and other facilities can build a strong ownership sense of property when the client visualizes the tour independently online. Furthermore, this emotional connection built through technology is not the only achievement for the companies, but the VR guided show reels come along with a whole series of other advantages.

Scanning, hosting, and guiding 24 VR tours in hotels

At first, every place you own or manage can be scanned using high-quality technology. The 3D virtual tour resulted can be used as presentations for the clients that will engage with your business. You can, therefore, scan the building with its hallways and reception offices, the walkthrough rooms, the restaurants, and even the kitchen or the bars, to introduce the clients through the processes of preparation and dining. If you want to integrate into your booking system also the presentation of the location, with its surroundings, so the viewers can explore around it, you are also free to do so and offer them a wider context.

Our services include not only scanning the place but also hosting it on our cloud platform. Together with the hosting, we offer to our clients' multiple services of their choice, that gives them the freedom to personalize the tour (using their logo and contact details) and organize video conferences for their customers, to guide or to provide specific details to them in real-time, while viewing the tour together.

Analytics system and branding services

Knowing your clients is crucial to build relationships, maintain them and develop them so the business can win the loyalty of the client. Considering this, we created a whole system that allows hotel representatives to have access to a whole analytics system. Through it, the agents can analyze who was interested in their tours (views & clicks), what are the descriptive characteristics of the clients (demographic profiles), and which were the main points of interest while analyzing the tour independently (using heating maps, the agent can see on what specific area the client spent more time).

To attract even more customers, the hotel representatives can also rely on our branding services that have the aim to brand and highlight the hotel in full detail. We will emphasize the hotspots and we will promote them not only on our website through our virtual tour, but also by providing extra-marketing materials such as high-quality photos and videos that we will post on social media channels to grab viewers' attention and lead them to our booking system.


The hospitality industry continues to offer more, even in these hard times that everyone struggles with. Tourism was hardly affected but continued to prove that it can not only just survive, but adapt and improve embracing innovation. Real Virtuality services take a step in embracing the change and want to meet all the brave leaders in the middle.

So do not hesitate more; contact us and let’s digitally grow your business together!

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