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Strategies on using VR and AR technologies in improving customer engagement

New technologies, such as VR and AR, are becoming more and more important for the customers and for the employees worldwide. If with the use of virtual reality the organizations are trying to immerse both users and staff members into completely new worlds, they still experiment on what they can do with the help of augmented reality. Most often, it is used within organizations to overlay objects or realities on the existing background, be it a physical shop or an office.

The options are wide open and up next we are going to share a few strategies on how the companies from various fields can embrace innovation and benefit from VR and AR in order to grow customer and employee engagement.

Improving staff experience

An easy example of how VR technologies can be used in order to improve the experiences of your staff and to increase the employee engagement is applying VR in staff training and preparation. The applicability would reach a highest point within the retail industry, where the members of the staff can benefit easily from a training program, saving time, expenses and providing efficiency.

These trainings could be included and customized, at the same time, in various other industries, in their recruiting and on-boarding processes, since it will make them easier, quicker and more productive for the both parts. The new staff will not only engage grace to the time and money savings, but they will have a better image of the company that proves to be innovative and open to digitalization.

Virtual product testing

Offering to your customers a chance to test your product before selling it could do nothing but improve your image and the trust users will have in your organization. Therefore, a strategy that focuses on it could be creating an app based on augm

ented reality, that offers to the customers the chance to have an idea about how the product would look in their personal spaces. They could focus on the measurements, design, utility and have a feeling of ownership even before buying it. Therefore, the customer engagement will be built, developed and maintained.

Some of the industries that focused on these augmented reality apps were the ones that sell furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, and the ones that are part of the automotive industry.

Creating AR based user manuals

Another strategy organizations can use is creating user manuals based on AR technology. Digital versions of the manuals, that can be accessed simply by scanning codes attached on products, can replace the paper ones successfully and offer better experiences to the customers, that could become more engaged with the organization and the products. The manual can help the customers learn how to use the product, what its functionalities are and even how to maintain it in its better shape.

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