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How can the real estate industry evolve and what are the benefits it can bring?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We don't want to exaggerate, but I think most of us know what the process of buying a home or space entails, even if we haven't gone through it yet. If not, we'll try to make a small summary. We talk about those long viewing sessions with different agents, in different places. An enormous amount of time wasted on the road, in crowded places, or even in spaces that are by no means to our liking. Being pressed by time, haste can also generate the unnoticed passage of many negative things, the so-called "surprises" that you discover too late to matter. And we could go on like this with a whole list of negative aspects of the classic real estate system, but that is not our goal. We try to offer the most beneficial solutions for everyone. And our main solution is a VR real estate system. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be able to take a tour of an apartment in a virtual environment? Well, now it is more possible than ever and we will present to you a series of aspects that take the real estate industry to another level.

1. Health

Given the pandemic period we have been through, and are still going through, an agency capable of providing VR real estate services could be a rescue boat for the industry. This way, the number of people you contact could be reduced to just one agent. That's if you don't want to watch the apartment at home in a totally healthy environment. And even being at home, the agent whose services you based on can still be with you throughout the tour, but in a virtual environment.

2. Time

As we said before, a virtual tour of an apartment could be a real time-saver. This way, you will be able to avoid the traffic and congestion encountered on the way to the many homes you want to view. VR real estate is the only solution at the moment meant to maximize the experience and reduce costs of any kind. And since at this point, we can say that one of our most valuable resources is time, why waste it when we can invest it?

3. Details

When we talk about details, we refer to those moments of haste that can make you lose sight of a lot of aspects when it comes to a house. And not just rush, a cause can also be pressure from the agent or simply inattention. However, a VR tour of an apartment can get rid of these kinds of problems. This technology gives you a perfect dose of convenience. As well as you can watch the house with the agent, VR also offers you the opportunity to return to the building on your own and to analyze every detail that matters. In this way, the decision to purchase can be extremely safe and free from any unpleasant "surprises" that occur later.

4. Feeling

At first glance, it may seem that a VR tour does not compare to the physical experience of being there. But we would advise you not to be so skeptical, at least until you try. The experience is more than authentic, and where you add that you also have various tools built into the tour and very accessible to use. One of them is the ruler, we promise to talk about the others in another article more leisurely. Back to the matter, imagine how long it would take to get such information about the length, width, or even height of things in the house, while in a virtual tour it's only a matter of a few seconds.

5. Unforeseen situations

There are a lot of unforeseen situations that can lead to unpleasant situations. One of these situations is the possibility of not being able to arrive in time to watch an apartment because you were detained somewhere longer than you planned. In such cases, you do not need to cancel or reschedule the viewing. The only thing you would need would be a device capable of connecting to the internet and the necessary disposition for a VR tour.

Of course, we want to mention that the experience is all the more complete the more professional the equipment you use in the virtual tour. That's why we recommend that you schedule your virtual tours with agents who offer VR real estate services and can guide you in this regard. However, all of the above remain valid, especially for enthusiasts who already own a VR headset or for unforeseen situations where your phone or tablet can do a great job.

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