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How can 24 VR help to improve your services?

Given the digital trend, more and more businesses will relocate their operations online. However, a simple rearrangement of the workplace is insufficient. When we talk about firms whose services include interaction and public work, the entire process is suggested to be located in the digital realm. In this scenario, virtual reality, together with all of the capabilities it provides, represents the most feasible answer from the standpoint of both the vendor and the buyer. Whether it's real estate, automobile, or even construction, virtual reality may be a really unique platform for launching your business in the digital realm.

What more can we bring?

Customized virtual tours. What exactly is a customized virtual tour? In addition to the actual tour being carried out by members of our team, it may also include a number of features highlighting the value and significance of the brand. The logo will be displayed in the consumer's field of vision at all times, and inside the tour, you may include interactive tags that customers may access for information, videos, images, or promotional materials according to your brand's demands. In addition to all of this, we offer partners the ability to schedule and conduct video conferences directly on tour, as well as a series of integrated tools, such as the ability to view the floor plan of the space along with the perspective of "dollhouse" ”, or the measuring instrument to be able to determine the dimensions of an object or space directly from the tour.

Analysis of statistical data. Each tour created in collaboration with 24 VR will be hosted on our cloud platform, but our partners will be able to manage their own materials, links, and appointments. At the same time, also within our platform, you will have access to the statistical data that the virtual tours have accumulated including heat maps with the most frequented areas by consumers, the number of views, sources, and a demographic description of those who accessed the tour.

Marketing, web development, and web design services. Our services also extend to the spectrum of marketing and website development. The marketing campaigns developed and generated by us include copywriting services, accompanied of course by graphic design or multimedia design. They are designed following the interpretation and evaluation of each partner's data. When it comes to web development and web design, the vision of the partners on the website they want prevails. The whole process is collaborative so that the final product is exactly as expected.

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