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Customization, the biggest trend within the tech era

Gone are the times when the consumers' choice was limited to a series of options created for mass production. The lack of various models from the same products or the lack of request for different styles and categories that one could like more are already antique obstacles that personalization and customization moved out of their ways.

Personalization vs. Customization

But what is the difference between these two trends that became more and more popular, together with the development of the new technologies? Personalization implies that the producer engages in the creation from the scratch of a product that is tailored based on the previous behaviour of the consumer. Customization, on the other side, happens when the customer alone (or the user) is actively changing by himself the product, in order to achieve his preferred experience.

Even if both have their roots in manipulating marketing content, services or products, the difference between them lies, therefore, with who is making the change.

Why is customization important nowadays?

Even though customization has been on the market since a lot of time, now more and more companies from various industries include customizable features in their products. And this happens because of three main reasons: companies can make more profit if the product they sell can be adapted to each individuals’ needs, people will easily talk about how they can customize their products so it is a marketing strategy, and last, but not least, it increases customers’ satisfaction.

Customization functions are also extremely highly encouraged by individualism, which is constantly rising nowadays. People want to own their individual products that respond to their very own needs in a way they know and expect. Furthermore, customization also increases the sense of ownership and makes the individual, in the end, more loyal to the brand.

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