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Can VR technology save the automotive industry?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Ever since the advent of the first car equipped with an internal combustion engine, the automotive industry has always been a field focused on innovation and evolution. Proof of this is the predominantly upward trend that the automotive industry has been in throughout its history. At the same time, the emergence of electric cars designed to reduce the degree of pollution generated by fuel combustion is another example worth mentioning when we talk about how innovative this industry is, but also what influence it can have on the environment. But, the last year lived by all of us managed to prove an extremely concrete thing. Any industry, including the automotive industry, must be able to adapt to unforeseen situations in the shortest possible time so as not to incur losses. So, in addition to innovation, we also need to talk about adaptability. In the case of authorized car dealers, adaptability can align with innovation, and together they lead to methods of selling and presenting unique products. A good example would be VR car showrooms. A virtual tour, in the case of a vehicle, can help you make a decision and we will show you how.

Virtual driving experience

We know that the decision to buy a car does not come overnight and requires good hours of analysis and calculations. That is why every aspect related to that car must be carefully analyzed. And now comes the main question: how do you know you like a car if you haven't analyzed it from all angles both on the outside, but especially on the inside? Because isn't it? The interior matters. Our answer is quite simple: a virtual car tour. Such a virtual experience behind the wheel can help you get a general opinion about the look of the car, its features, and especially that feeling of "this is the car I want!". Indeed, we cannot be absurd to claim that a virtual car tour can match the personal experience of sitting in the seat of your future car, but such a tour can simplify your choice.

How can showrooms take advantage of VR technology?

A VR showroom opens the opportunity to offer people something new, innovative, which will surely capture their attention and influence their purchase decision. The virtual tour can greatly simplify an acquisition process by offering both analysis and thinking time or even comparison. With a vast portfolio of virtual car tours, any showroom can move some of its activity online, which is ideal compared to our times. Online, as in reality, agents can guide customers through the tour if needed and can answer any questions that may arise.

Virtual test drives

If Euro Truck Simulator or Need For Speed ​​sounds familiar to you, then this topic should get you more and more passionate. With the implementation of VR technology in the automotive industry and continuing on the idea of ​​virtual experience behind the wheel, we can’t fail to mention the complete simulation of a test drive like in the computer games that have enjoyed so many people. The principle is quite simple to understand and will certainly appear more and more often on the car market everywhere around the globe. Having the opportunity to choose the car, and to test it at a level similar to reality, as a buyer all you have to do is to make a decision: "buy it or not?".

So, VR technology can easily make its place in the automotive industry and help it evolve from all points of view. No matter which side of the barricade you are, whether you are a car broker, car enthusiast, or a simple person who just needs a car, a virtual car showroom can make your life easier, helping you with advice in making the right decisions.

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