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3 ingenious ways to use virtual reality at work

The digital age of which we are part has generated a series of changes both at the technological level and at the level of interpersonal interactions. Digital has long surpassed the boundaries that seemed to be imposed by devices, it has become a part of our daily lives and more than that an indispensable tool for many jobs. However, at the moment the flow of new technologies that are emerging is a continuous one, and their adoption for professional purposes could bring innumerable benefits to the workplace. Among these new technologies is virtual reality, which in recent years has evolved from a simple emerging technology that was about to explode, to one of the main attractions for many companies attracted by innovation. That's why we decided in this article to offer you a series of ideas for using virtual reality at work and the possible benefits that can result.

What are the best ways to use virtual reality in the workplace?

• Training

Virtual reality has proven to be a prolific tool for the gaming industry. However, by ingeniously taking the model, this technology could easily be applied in the case of employee training. VR is by far an innovative way to capture people's attention. Thus, it can be used as a training tool for acquiring new skills, being by far a memorable experience compared to any other classical learning method. This process can be applied in almost any type of industry, from learning electrical circuits to practicing open-heart surgery. So, in other words, the more the dose of realism is applied in such a learning environment, the higher the degree of interest and pleasure during the process.

• Meetings or presentations

The world we live in has quickly adapted to the new times, and working from home has become a very normal phenomenon. Thus, in an attempt to focus on the good things that remain after these different times, we found that both meetings, meetings, or even presentations can be easily supported in the digital environment. We no longer need to move from one city to another or from one country to another for a few hours. But the mode of operation currently known globally could be taken to a whole new level through VR technology. Meetings and presentations could receive a personal touch accompanied by the feeling of a real, physical environment, with the help of which the level of interactivity and engagement could increase exponentially.

• The recruitment and accommodation process

When it comes to the recruitment process, virtual reality could be a win-win solution for both the employer and the employee. The employee in this case can get the chance to visit his possible job without having to physically travel to the company, and the employer can thus be exempted from any possible costs related to the accommodation or transport of the potential employee. Through the virtual tour, you can get to know both the job itself and future colleagues, and so we can get to discuss the accommodation process. Accommodation manuals can already be considered a thing of the past compared to an accommodation process based on virtual reality. Both in terms of attractiveness and in terms of understanding, a virtual tour in this case can only bring benefits.

In conclusion, all the above are just a small part of the possibilities that virtual reality can offer to a company but also employees to improve the quality of life at work. The spectrum can easily be extended to other areas such as mental health or relaxation, but we will address all the others in one of the future articles.

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