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Paradise Lost Chat

Paradise Lost opens with Satan on the surface of a boiling lake of lava in Hell (ouch!); he has just fallen from Heaven, and wakes up to find himself in a seriously horrible place. He finds his first lieutenant (his right-hand man), and together they get off the lava lake and go to a nearby plain, where they rally the fallen angels. They have a meeting and decide to destroy Adam and Eve (God's children and precious science experiment) in order to spite God. Satan volunteers for the job and leaves Hell to go look for Adam and Eve.The scene then shifts to Heaven (Book 3), where God talks about how he can see what Satan is planning. He knows everything all the time. He has a conversation with His Son, says he knows that Satan will tempt mankind and that Adam and Eve will eat the fruit of the Forbidden Tree. He needs to know if anyone will intervene on man's behalf. The Son volunteers, which makes God and all the angels in Heaven very happy.The scene shifts again, this time to Eden. Satan has reached the Garden, and we see Eden and Adam and Eve for the first time through his eyes. We watch Adam and Eve hang out together for a while, before going into their hut to go to bed and make love. Meanwhile, God has sent out a search party to get Satan out of the Garden, which is easy as pie. The next day, God sends the angel Raphael to talk to Adam and Eve about Satan and whatever else they might want to know. About a week after Adam's chat with Raphael, Satan returns to the Garden, disguises himself as a serpent (snake), and convinces Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit. She in turn convinces Adam to have a taste. After that, they have steamy, lustful sex for the first time.As a result of Adam and Eve's sin (eating the Forbidden Fruit), the gates of Hell are now wide open for Sin and Death (who are actual characters in this poem) to build a bridge from Hell to earth. Satan returns to Hell triumphant, but he and his angels are eventually turned into serpents as punishment for Satan's evil deed. As for Adam and Eve's punishment, God makes them leave the Garden of Eden. He also introduces death, labor pains, and a bunch of other not-so-fun stuff into the world. Before they leave Paradise, however, God sends the angel Michael down to give Adam a vision of the future. After his history lesson, Adam and Eve leave the Garden of Eden in what is one of the saddest moments in English literature.

paradise lost chat

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Russia's Classic Rock magazine conducted an interview with Aaron Aedy, Steve Edmondson and Greg Mackintosh of British gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST on September 13 in Moscow. You can now watch the chat below.

Beyond The Watch's Sean Sirianni recently conducted an interview with guitarist Aaron Aedy of British gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST. You can now listen to the chat below.

On September 19, guitarist Greg Mackintosh of U.K. gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST was interviewed by Denise Falzon for the latest episode of Exclaim! TV's "Aggressive Tendencies" series at The Opera House in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He discussed the band's 13th studio album, "Tragic Idol", and how it's more stripped down and minimalist than their previous releases, which makes it more melodic. Mackintosh also reminisced about when PARADISE LOST first started out in 1988 and how their sound has evolved over the years, as well as their mentality for living in the moment. You can now watch the chat below.

With plenty of great stuff on the horizon, we caught up with the boys earlier last month, where they teased some brand new music and chatted about their latest tour that kicks off in Australia today, and how it feels to be playing at festivals such as Lost Paradise.

Many of those who lost nearly everything are in a limbo state, not knowing what they will do next. Some are waiting on assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or for an insurance check. Others are looking for affordable housing in nearby communities. Paradise was attractive not just because of its natural beauty but because housing was reasonably priced for retirees. Several evacuees, like Pichotta, had been living in mobile homes.

More than several weeks into stay-at-home orders, and with the reality of the COVID-19 world really starting to settle in, I had a chat with Holmes in the twilight hours of 3 a.m. in Los Angeles, which for him was the far more sensible hour of 11 a.m. in the U.K. Rather than the conversation that followed being dark and dreary, I instead noted how joyful Holmes and myself were, oftentimes finding ourselves bursting with laughter over some of the absurdities of lock-down life, the intricacies of family, or fond memories from the past.

"This was the lost pearl ship of Juan de Iturbe who was this Spanish explorer who was on an expedition and his boat supposedly had gems on it. It's in 1615 that he's exploring the Gulf of California and as the story goes, the tides and conditions are just right that de Iturbe and his crew are somehow able to ride into Lake Cahuilla, and that they explored Lake Cahuilla for a few days to then only find themselves landlocked. They're now stuck and they can't get back out to the Gulf of California, and they have no other choice but to abandon their ship and go back on foot to the closest Spanish settlement, leaving behind their pearls and gems.

Decades of doing very little by the government, local tribes, and the water districts, who all own parts of the land, has led to a 2021 Salton Sea that has lost more than 10 percent of its water since 2003, according to the Pacific Institute.

The year 1492 is generally seen as a beginning, whether of modern Spain or the discovery of the New World. But what had ended was equally significant. For nearly 800 years, since 711, the Spanish peninsula had been home to a group of people who came as invaders and stayed to create a unique and sophisticated civilisation which bequeathed to Spain a lasting cultural heritage. One thing that was lost was the fertile cross-cultural creativity and renewal born out of the Muslim conquest.

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