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Waylon Watson

Shades Of Grey Jasper Fforde.epub ##HOT##

Hundreds of years in the future, after the Something that Happened, theworld is an alarmingly different place. Life is lived according to TheRulebook and social hierarchy is determined by your perception ofcolour. Eddie Russett is an above average Red who dreams of moving upthe ladder by marriage to Constance Oxblood. Until he is sent to the Outer Fringes where he meets Jane -- a lowlyGrey with an uncontrollable temper and a desire to see him killed. ForEddie, it's love at first sight. But his infatuation will lead him todiscover that all is not as it seems in a world where everything thatlooks black and white is really shades of grey ...If George Orwell hadtripped over a paint pot or Douglas Adams favoured colour swatchesinstead of towels ...neither of them would have come up with anythingas eccentrically brilliant as Shades of Grey.About The AuthorJasper Fforde traded a varied career in the filmindustry for staring out of the window and sucking the end of a pencil.He lives and works in Wales and has a passion for aviation.

Shades of Grey Jasper Fforde.epub


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