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VidMate: The Ultimate HD Video Downloader and Live TV App from 9apps Download 2016

Vidmate is one of the most popular video downloader app of today. We use a lot of apps every day, including some video viewing apps. There are many video downloader apps on the Internet that work very slowly and are not virus free, which causes the mobile to hang quickly. If you too are facing all these situations then download vidmate 2016 old version and use it today. It is absolutely virus free and works faster than other apps. You can download this app from 9apps store or from the download link given in our site.

Through this app, you can download your favorite videos and upload them on social media. With the help of this app, you can also post videos to your WhatsApp status. The old version 2016 of this app is quite popular. More than 10 million people are using this version.

9apps download 2016 vidmate

Note- If you want to download Vidmate Old Version 2016, you can install it from 9apps store or you can also install it in your mobile by clicking on the download button given in our website.

Vidmate app is a popular video downloader app. You all will agree that we watch videos everyday and in our free time. Many of us also use many video downloading apps. There are many apps available on the internet and most of them are not free and not virus free either. If you are facing any such problem then download Vidmate 2016 old version. This app is free and there is no charge and it is also free from virus and can be used anytime and anywhere. This app can be downloaded directly from Vidmate site or it is also available on 9apps store.

Vidmate Version 2016 Although it is a bit old version, but it is popular these days because of its excellent features. You can download this app from 9App Store and install it on your device. Open the app and enjoy unlimited downloading.

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VidMate apk has updated its official versions for a periodical time. You can check the version that the vidmate has provided with the passage of time. We have recently added all the versions of the VidMate apk such as vidmate 9apps 2014 download, vidmate 9apps 2016, and vidmate 9apps 2011.

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