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OneL Lollipop €? CM11 Theme APK Is Here ! [Latest]

IMPORTANT: Please update your rom with the latest nightly to avoid stability problems with some options of settings, theme engine had a bug with white themes and cyanogenmod fixed the issue recently.

OneL Lollipop – CM11 Theme APK Is Here ! [Latest]

Android Lollipop 5.0 theme for CM11 by Nucleoid is designed to work on Cyanogen latest theme engine, it will change the look of your smartphone and will resemble the new style of the upcoming android version Lollipop.

Now comes another problem. What theme to install? There are many great themes that you can choose to install but you simply cannot choose which one to use. We have been on the same boat. So we did some research and came up with some of the best themes that you can install on CyanogenMod 12 or every ROM that has the same theme engine.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the new color scheme introduced with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop. It was a huge change switching from the traditional dark theme to a white theme. Since Android has always had a dark theme, it came as a shock for many people. The white theme wastes more battery than a dark theme and it even hurts our eyes.

With these simple steps, we are now prepared to start an Android app using Material Design and the new Toolbar. There is much left to explain about the Material theme and how to configure it, but this is a good first step into the new era of Android design.

There are so many great themes available for CyanogenMod 11 and Paranoid Android that they could quickly send you broke. But there a bunch of great free themes for CM 11 that will totally refresh the look of your Android with the touch of a button. Here's the best free themes for CyanogenMod 11 that I've been enjoying lately.

One of our community members put me onto Flattington Dark, and while I'm not the biggest fan of brown I have to admit that there's a lot of style in this theme. From the unique navigation buttons to the cool bubble icons for Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, there's a lot of thought put into Flattington Dark. It's definitely one of the more memorable themes I've seen for CM 11.

If yellow is more your color then try Yellow Gold. There's not all that much to the theme, but there's something I really like about. Kind of bitumen meets sunflowers or something. Sometimes all you need is a little shift of color to liven things up, and no other theme does it better than Yellow Gold.

[Price: Varies]Nikolai Prettner has a metric ton of CyanogenMod themes. You can find dark, light, and neutral flavors including the highly rated Hydra, Kreatur, and Slim UI themes. You can also find two-tone (light/dark and one color) or multi-color themes and none of them cost less than $2.90. There are easily more than a dozen themes overall. They also range from CM 11 to CM 12.1 which makes them great options for newer devices running newer versions of CM.

[Price: Varies]Sonny Sekhon has been a big time themer for a long time. Included in this collection is a truly wild and bizarre mix of themes, including Vivid, Lucid, and Lumin themes. The themes are generally high contrast with a lot of color use so this is definitely not for those who like a clean, two-tone look. There are also a bunch of themes for launchers if you use Apex or GO apps. The majority of the themes are for CM11.

What this does is give your notification panel an equalizer at the bottom, as seen here. The equalizer also shows up in the lockscreen on top of your music controls to dazzle you whenever you take out your phone to switch songs. The best part is that it is a wide-reaching mod as far as support goes, as it is claimed to work on CM and AOSP ROMs for both KitKat and Lollipop - both of which have been successfully tested in the thread including the latest Android 5.1. Other skins could also have this mod work on them, but the instructions in the thread do not account for possible changes in OEM UI directories or code other than mentioning the different XML's you might come across in your particular ROM.

This theme is the only theme in this list with so vast features, the number of application it has designed is incredible, also keeping in mind the other system-based applications! You can download this theme here:


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