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Complete Mozart Edition Torrent

Each volume is zipped as a rar file. Simply use Winrar or another similar program to unzip after downloading.Music files are in MP3 format @ 192kbps quality.Cover art and booklets are scanned as jpg picture files.And for God's sake people, help me seed this as it is huge. Even if you only download part of it. I'm limited to about 50kbps upload speed but will seed until we have a high share ratio. Hope you enjoy the music. Long live Mozart!DESCRIPTION:The legendary Philips edition - The Complete Compact Mozart Edition is reissued in time for the 2006 anniversary. Originally released in 2001, this 180-CD collection contains Mozart's complete oeuvre and has proven to be the most successful edition in the history of the recording industry.

Complete Mozart Edition Torrent

The publisher of the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe is Bärenreiter-Verlag Kassel (; The volumes of the printed edition can be ordered through specialized trade. You can obtain further information on the publisher's website(


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