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Custom Lettering Of The 60s PATCHED

If you are into type I defy you to open any page in this thick, chunky book and not be grabbed. I would guess that each page has between six and nine examples of custom lettering all sorted into an amazing number of categories. The Contents for the 60s pages have forty-four sections with many sub-divisions: Geometric Sans is further divided into another eight sections. Rian Hughes says in his Intro (rather annoyingly set in six point) that he sorted out his collection of about 10,000 type examples into a hundred definable styles.

Custom Lettering of the 60s


Unlike lead set type, with its inflexibility, hand-lettering offered a chance for much more character and immediacy especially for headlines in ads and editorial. Apart from the logos and mastheads in these pages everything else is a one use bit of type and to a certain extent it shows, too. With 4500 examples perhaps a bit more selectivity would have been useful.

Ivan Castro, a graphic designer specializing in lettering (@ivancastro), explains in his book the basic concepts and indispensable techniques needed to dominate this discipline. His methods are based on more than a decade of teaching calligraphy, along with more than 15 years as a lecturer, workshop organizer and speaker at renowned design festivals.

Uploading an existing image or design to create a custom sticker is easy! However, there are some common issues with uploaded files that can hold up the production process. Below are a list of best practices for uploaded files that can help you avoid delays in receiving your order.

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