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Witcher 3 Polish Language Pack Download

If you're a big fan of The Witcher 3: Wild - Complete Edition on the Nintendo Switch and would perhaps like to play through the game with Polish subtitles and dubs (and live outside of Poland), you now can, thanks to the recently released language pack.

Witcher 3 Polish Language Pack Download

They could do it, but most likely they won't. Simply because translating all of game requires lots of resources. . Its not one of main languages (english, german, russian, spanish and french) used aroud the world so its not easy to find person who can trasnlate polish isnt easy. And it would benefit only one country...

No offense to your particular version of a particular subgroup of a particular branch of Slavic languages, but I'd rather not have to download language pack for every language under the sun. German and French alone are causing enough bloating as it is.

"As for the guest from "Languages under the Sun" if something doesn't suit you, you don't have to read it or comment on it.?"That's true, but...people see problems with that,because of how big game cleint becomes. Sure, you can have game translated into all languages in the world, still.that would make game like 10-20 times bigger, it would take ages to download or update it. Especially those with slow internet. Thats why game is translated into most popular languages: English, German,Russian and French. While Poland is big country, its using its own unique language which is basically not used outside country. I mean..if Polish language gets in game, then if should be posisble to ask for them to translate into languages of all 9 Baltic states, or into arabic, since accepting muslims is new trend in Europe...

The language spoken is only English and Brazilian Portuguese. You will have to download the extra languages. For subtitles you have only Español latino, English, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Polish.

You need to download the EUR region. This version comes with polish language. (only subs, not audio) I know because I downloaded. But I was searching for the brazilian version. And yes, you helped me with your coment.


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