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I Dream Of Jeannie: A Classic TV Show Dubbed In Hindi

I Dream Of Jeannie: A Classic TV Show Dubbed In Hindi

I Dream Of Jeannie is a popular American sitcom that aired from 1965 to 1970. The show starred Barbara Eden as Jeannie, a 2,000-year-old genie who is accidentally released by an astronaut named Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) and becomes his loyal servant. The show was known for its comedy, fantasy, and romance elements, as well as its iconic theme song and costumes.

I Dream Of Jeannie Videos In Hin

But did you know that I Dream Of Jeannie was also dubbed in Hindi and broadcasted on Sony TV in India in the mid-1990s? Yes, you heard it right. The show was renamed as "Main Hoon Jeannie" and featured Hindi voice actors for the main characters. The show was a hit among Indian audiences who enjoyed the hilarious antics of Jeannie and Tony, as well as the cultural references and jokes that were added to suit the Indian context.

If you are a fan of I Dream Of Jeannie and want to watch some episodes in Hindi, you can find them on YouTube. There are several channels that have uploaded clips and full episodes of the show with Hindi dubbing. For example, you can check out this channel[^1^] that has a playlist of full episodes[^2^] of I Dream Of Jeannie in Hindi. You can also watch this video[^3^] that shows Jeannie babysitting Tony's nephew in Hindi.

I Dream Of Jeannie is a classic TV show that has entertained generations of viewers with its charm and humor. Whether you watch it in English or Hindi, you will surely have a blast with Jeannie and Tony's adventures.

I Dream Of Jeannie had a talented cast of actors who brought the characters to life. Barbara Eden played the role of Jeannie, the beautiful and mischievous genie who loved Tony Nelson unconditionally. Larry Hagman played the role of Tony Nelson, the handsome and brave astronaut who tried to keep Jeannie's magic a secret from his superiors. Bill Daily played the role of Roger Healy, Tony's best friend and fellow astronaut who often got into trouble with Jeannie's help. Hayden Rorke played the role of Dr. Alfred Bellows, the NASA psychiatrist who was always suspicious of Tony's strange behavior and tried to expose his secret.

I Dream Of Jeannie was also full of trivia and behind-the-scenes stories that added to its charm and appeal. For example, did you know that the show was originally filmed in black and white for the first season because NBC didn't believe it would last more than one season? Or that Jeannie's bottle was actually a Jim Beam liquor decanter that was painted with gold leaf by one of the show's art department employees? Or that Barbara Eden was pregnant with her son during the filming of the first 12 episodes and had to hide her baby bump with veils and close-ups? Or that Larry Hagman was so difficult to work with that the producers considered replacing him with another actor?

I Dream Of Jeannie is a show that has stood the test of time and has entertained millions of fans around the world. Whether you watch it in its original English version or in its Hindi dubbed version, you will surely enjoy the magical adventures of Jeannie and Tony. 29c81ba772


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