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What is ADCD z/OS V2R5 May Edition of 2022 and why you should care

What is ADCD z/OS V2R5 May Edition of 2022 and why you should care

ADCD z/OS V2R5 May Edition of 2022 is the latest release of the Application Developer Controlled Distribution (ADCD) for z/OS, a collection of products and maintenance that can be used to create a z/OS application development environment on IBM Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T) or IBM Z.

Adcd ZOS 21

ADCD z/OS V2R5 May Edition of 2022 contains many new and updated products that can help you develop, test, and deploy applications on z/OS. Some of the highlights are:

  • IBM Z Monitoring Suite V1.2.0, which provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing the performance and availability of z/OS systems and applications.

  • IBM Open Enterprise SDK for GO 1.1.7, which enables you to develop and run Go applications on z/OS.

  • IBM Application Discovery Connect for Mainframe v6.0.2, which helps you discover and understand your mainframe applications and data sources.

  • IBM Urbancode Deploy for z/OS v7.2.0, which automates the deployment of applications across distributed and z/OS environments.

  • IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python 3.A.0, which allows you to develop and run Python applications on z/OS.

  • IBM Engineering Workflow Management v7.0.2, which supports agile development practices and collaborative software delivery on z/OS.

  • IBM z Development and Test Environment Enterprise v13.0.0, which enables you to create a virtual z/OS environment on x86 hardware for development and testing purposes.

  • IBM XML Toolkit for z/OS v1.11.0, which provides XML processing capabilities for z/OS applications.

  • IBM Data Virtualization Manager 1.1.0, which enables you to access and integrate data from various sources on z/OS without moving or copying the data.

  • IBM MQ for z/OS CD V9.2.2, which delivers continuous delivery updates for IBM MQ on z/OS.

If you want to learn more about ADCD z/OS V2R5 May Edition of 2022 and how to download it, you can visit the official documentation page. You can also find more information about the products contained in this release, the reported problems, fixes, maintenance levels, migration guidelines, loadparm options, console settings, user IDs, and more on the same page.

ADCD z/OS V2R5 May Edition of 2022 is a great opportunity to explore the latest features and enhancements of z/OS products and middleware. Whether you are a new or experienced developer, ADCD can help you create innovative applications that leverage the power and security of IBM Z.

One of the advantages of using ADCD is that it provides a consistent and controlled environment for z/OS application development. ADCD is updated regularly with the latest maintenance and fixes for z/OS products and middleware, ensuring that you have access to the most current and stable versions. ADCD also follows the same release cycle as z/OS, allowing you to test your applications on the same level of z/OS that you will deploy them on.

Another benefit of using ADCD is that it supports a wide range of development tools and languages for z/OS. ADCD includes traditional tools and languages such as COBOL, PL/I, Assembler, JCL, CICS, DB2, IMS, and MQ, as well as modern tools and languages such as Java, Node.js, Python, Go, Zowe, Git, Jenkins, and Eclipse. ADCD also integrates with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, which provides a comprehensive platform for developing cloud-native applications on z/OS.

With ADCD, you can create a realistic and flexible z/OS application development environment that meets your needs and preferences. You can use ADCD on ZD&T to create a virtual z/OS environment on x86 hardware, or you can use ADCD on IBM Z to create a dedicated z/OS environment on a physical machine. You can also customize ADCD to add or remove products, change configurations, apply patches, and more. e0e6b7cb5c


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