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How To Use The Workbook Solutions For Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2

Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2: A Review of the Workbook Exercises and Solutions

Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 is a textbook for intermediate learners of Italian, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It covers the levels B1 and B2, and aims to develop the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through communicative activities and authentic materials.

How to use the workbook solutions for Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2

One of the components of Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 is the workbook (quaderno degli esercizi), which contains exercises and video activities to practice and consolidate the grammar, vocabulary and functions presented in the student's book (libro dello studente). The workbook also includes a CD-ROM with interactive exercises and tests.

The workbook exercises and solutions are an essential part of Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2, as they allow the students to check their progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses. The solutions are provided at the end of the workbook, or can be downloaded from the publisher's website[^1^]. The solutions are clear and concise, and include explanations and examples when necessary.

The workbook exercises and solutions are divided into 11 units, corresponding to the units of the student's book. Each unit consists of four sections: A) Grammar and vocabulary; B) Communication; C) Writing; D) Video activity. The exercises are varied and engaging, ranging from multiple choice to gap fill, from matching to crossword puzzles, from dialogues to letters. The video activity is based on a short film related to the topic of the unit, and requires the students to watch, listen and answer questions.

Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 is a comprehensive and effective textbook for intermediate learners of Italian, and the workbook exercises and solutions are a valuable tool to reinforce and assess the learning outcomes. The workbook is suitable for self-study or classroom use, and can help the students prepare for official exams such as PLIDA[^2^] or CILS[^3^].

In addition to the workbook exercises and solutions, Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 offers other resources to enhance the learning experience. The student's book contains 11 units with texts, dialogues, grammar boxes, cultural notes and tasks. The student's book also comes with an audio CD with the recordings of the listening activities. The teacher's book (guida per l'insegnante) provides methodological guidelines, lesson plans, tests and supplementary materials.

Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 is also supported by a digital platform (, where the students and teachers can access online activities, videos, audios, games and e-books. The platform is interactive and user-friendly, and allows the students to monitor their progress and communicate with their classmates and teachers. The platform also includes a portfolio, where the students can collect and reflect on their work and achievements.

Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 is a modern and innovative textbook for intermediate learners of Italian, which combines traditional and digital tools to create a stimulating and motivating learning environment. The workbook exercises and solutions are an integral part of this textbook, as they help the students practice and review the language skills and contents acquired in each unit. Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 is a recommended textbook for anyone who wants to improve their Italian proficiency and prepare for official exams. 04f6b60f66


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