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Cs61a Homework Solutionsl

If you completed all problems correctly, you should see that your score is 6.0 in the autograder output by Gradescope. Each homework assignment counts for 2 points, so in this case you will receive the full 2 points for homework. Remember that every incorrect question costs you 1 point, so a 5.0/6.0 on this assignment will translate to a 1.0/2.0 homework grade for this assignment.

Cs61a Homework Solutionsl

During our Eid holidays and because I am not that social, I began going through cs61a from Berkeley and logged into HackerRank after 5 years. The medicines help but I constantly feel this feeling that I am not enough or that I am an imposter even though I was and am always considered a brilliant and intellectual mind by my professors and people around me. I just can't shake the feeling.


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